May 30, 2018 | BLOG

May 30, 2018 | BLOG

Masterful game design

A reflection on some tricks of the trade

Masterful game design is akin to the composition of a timeless musical symphony. We marry the underlying nucleus of game mathematics with art, sound design, animation and emotional discovery to produce engaging, adrenaline fueled and memorable experiences that resonate deeply with our players.

Much like the latest rock star we gauge our success though engagement, monetization and retention metrics. Get it right and the fans come back for more.

However, solely being Kalamba (Zambian for ‘The Greatest’) is not sufficient and we therefore continue to develop unique and innovative promotional tools for our operator and CDN partners. This creative toolbox ties closely to in-game features that focus extensively on player retention, engagement and monetization.
Kalamba Games product strategy is simple and has 3 key goals:

1.) Develop high quality games that we all love to play, with superbly executed design, including math, art, animation and sound.

2.) Innovate and differentiate with retention, engagement, monetization and promotional features integrated into the game design that drive up operator revenues and margins.

3.) Further deliver value by establishing long term, rewarding and collaborative client relationships that are underpinned by game design derived from and catering for ‘success KPIs’.

From inception and throughout 2018 we have launched a range of high performing titles with a 1 game/month release velocity. By ICE 2019, we will have a portfolio of over 16 titles, and a release velocity of 1.5 games/month. Oh yes, and we love what we do!

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Founded in December 2016 by two C-level industry veterans with significant experience in, both RMG and social casino, B2C operations and B2B products. Identifying a gap in the marketplace for a supplier who brought the best of social casino to RMG, along with game design expertise with focus on revenue drivers that make operators successful.