Jun 13, 2018 | RELEASES

Jun 13, 2018 | RELEASES

In-game Quick Deposit

New feature introduced across portfolio

Quick deposit feature

An in-game low funds trigger available in all games displaying a customized in-game popup to deposit more funds with a wide range of threshold configurability. Is an essential feature, particularly on mobile when and additional deposit typically requires leaving the game. It improves the overall UX for players which is of course directly related to engagement and retention. Operators define thresholds where they want prompt to appear, as a multiple of bet. Available in all games. Has been observed to boost revenue immediately as much as 30%.

Default option

    • Operator communicates a link to the deposit page.
    • The in-game handler for quick deposit opens a standard branded popup for the player to confirm quick deposit.
    • The game opens a new tab or iframe to show the deposit window.

Other variations

    • If the operator has or is interested to make an in-game deposit window with a layout specialized for this function, then that can be loaded as an iframe in a popup from the game.

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