Applying all our knowledge from previous title performance and player feedback, Monkey God by Kalamba Games combines the pure excitement of choosing volatility from 4 different types of game play to enable a different number of higher-paying golden symbols.

Includes a collection mechanic rewarded with bonus spins that has been proven to drive player engagement and excitement.

243 ways pays, a popular and simple payline mechanic. Bonus Jackpot with different player selected betting levels.

Jul 23, 2018 | BLOG

Jul 23, 2018 | BLOG

Free Rounds & Player Lifecycle

Using Different Bet Levels to Manage Player Lifecyle in Slots

Intro: The Problem

Most of the general public, and most other gamblers, are not usually avid slots players. There is an expert following that knows slots well and needs relatively little introduction to the general mechanics, and these players monetize very well. However, the type of game and the style of game play that serves experts well may push away new gamblers or new slots players. New players in principle may have a lower level of trust in slot games, in online casino, or other.

Kalamba’s Solution

Several upcoming games from Kalamba use different styles of bets that each correspond to a different level of volatility and of course different bet size per spin. This allows a player to choose a volatility at their own level.

Monkey God as an Example

Monkey God has 4 different volatility options: for each a player can choose to play with a different number of “Gold” symbols. The Gold Symbols are just versions of particular symbols that have higher pays for their winning combinations, and so with more gold symbols comes a higher chance for massive wins and therefore more volatility.

The bets for the different options are:

  • 38 coins times the bet per line for 1 gold symbol (medium-high volatility)
  • 58 coins times the bet per line for 2 gold symbols
  • 68 coins times the bet per line for 3 gold symbols
  • 88 coins times the bet per line for 4 gold symbols (very high volatility)

Because of the different options for game play at different levels of volatility, Monkey God can be used not just to customize the experience for players, but to introduce players to games with higher volatility and larger bets.

Using Free Rounds to Introduce Players to Different Modes of Gameplay

Because the game play mode is set by the bet, and because as an operator you can configure the bet of different free rounds awards, this gives you the flexibility to use free rounds awards to give players a kind of a free trial of different game modes. And because our games will continue game play in the same mode as a free rounds after the free rounds is over (unless a player manually resets the game), if a player like the game play they will keep in this mode.

Player Personas

Let’s suppose we have a few general personas for the way players like game play:

  • “beginners” are players who are new to casino gambling or to slots in general, and may have a low comfort level for risk. This may be particularly true for players who cross over from sports betting or bingo, and to some extent table games. They might play at lower bets, or they may simply trust the game less if it goes for a certain duration without a decent payout. They might even be a bit less familiar with how slots work in general.
  • “intermediates” are players who play some slots and have enough experience to trust the game even if it doesn’t give a decent payout immediately, but generally play with lower bets. In some cases these are players who have been loyal casino players, in other cases they are players who are new to a casino but not new to gambling or slots.
  • “twitchers” are players who are very experienced as slots players, but play with low bets and try to get a large win. They may have followed a bonus offer from an affiliate site to enter the casino, or they may just try to keep their game play spread out. But they are not interested in betting above a certain amount (say €1) but also want the chance to win say €1000.
  • “VIPs” are players who know slots, and are comfortable both with large bets and a lot of volatility.

The challenge with marketing is that you as an operator can try to map players into one of the personas above, but you don’t know if they behave according to that persona just for you, or if they are that way everywhere.

Using Free Rounds Awards

Using free rounds awards for different game play, you can try to test how players engage with different types of game play on a kind of free trial and thereby test if you need to adjust your marketing toward them.

Example 1: Treating a New Player as a “beginner”

You as a casino may want to engage your new players in a way that won’t repel them if they have a lower taste for volatility, but that makes the game interesting if they actually have a higher taste for volatility.

You can do this by giving players a free rounds award with, for example, a bet of 38 coins (for 1 gold symbol) at a bet multiplier of €0.01, for a total bet of €0.38. This is enough to get a flavor for the game, and a player can always bet up if they want to after the free rounds are over. They will have a medium volatility experience, which will be helpful to generate return visits.

Example 2: Seeing if your “beginner” is really an “intermediate”

If you as an operator have a lot of players that have entered and fit into a “beginner” profile, it may be that they are really “intermediate” but they just haven’t been treated as such. You can see how they react to more intermediate-style play by offering a free rounds award with, for example, a bet of 58 coins with a bet multiplier of €0.02, for a total of €1.16. This will give them a different volatility experience, and see how players respond to the higher bet.

Example 3: Seeing if your “intermediate” is really a “twitcher” or a “VIPs”

Supposing a player has responded well to intermediate-style offers, a next step is to test how they respond to offers that are tailored more for twitchers or VIPs, since your intermediate player may be a VIP if given the opportunity. You can select a small group and offer a free rounds award with, for example, a bet of 88 coins and a multiplier of €0.03, for a total of €2.64. If players engage with the game play after the free rounds are exhausted, they’ll have a taste for game play at higher volatility and you’ll have given them a meaningful reward.

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