Jul 27, 2018 | RELEASES

Jul 27, 2018 | RELEASES

Kalamba in-game mission promos

Run player targeted mission promos on Goldfire7s & Fire Eagle

Just the first in a long line of supercharged in-game promo features to come out of the Kalamba Games design studio. In-game promotional states for Fire Eagle and Goldfire7s missions now available to operators.

Kalamba missions are an in-game feature where players collect symbols during a fixed number of spins towards bronze, silver, gold or platinum achievements. Payline payouts increase progressively as players collect more symbols in the mission. An example platinum mission payline payout may have 1000xBet multiplier.

Kalamba Games in-game mission promos permit operators to increase the achievement payout multipliers in a targeted manner across their player base:

  • per player or player demographic
  • per game
  • for a finite period of time

This opens an array of creative, targeted and time constrained promo possibilities to operators. We observed a massive uplift in the number of users and in monetisation when applied to social casino. Now Kalamba Games brings this promo feature to RMG.

Promotion example: Platinum missions achievement doubled all Saturday. 2000xBet payouts replace the usual 1000xBet, enjoy!

Players see a prompt at open with the duration of the promotion set by the Operator. Different promotions may be applied to different player segments as the operator sees fit.

Founded in December 2016 by two C-level industry veterans with significant experience in, both RMG and social casino, B2C operations and B2B products. Identifying a gap in the marketplace for a supplier who brought the best of social casino to RMG, along with game design expertise with focus on revenue drivers that make operators successful.