Jul 30, 2018 | RELEASES

Jul 30, 2018 | RELEASES

In-game volatility selection

New feature introduced in latest game

Player selectable volatility to support several game play styles and different player demographics.
Monetization mechanic – targeting high value players, provides the possibility for player selected and varied betting options to adjust the volatility and price point.
Example games Monkey God & Bangkok Dreams.
Example: Monkey God
Player decides how many symbols are gold in the reels. Monetization mechanic as minimum bet size increases as number of gold symbols selected increases. Volatility varies as number of gold symbols varies.More gold symbols, higher symbol payline combination payout.

15 gold symbols payout the progressive jackpot. More gold symbols, easier to hit the jackpot but wager is higher.


4 gold symbols applied, minimum bet higher (0.88), same jackpot payout, more probability.


One gold symbol, minimum bet lower (0.38), same jackpot payout, lower probability.


New feature now available in Monkey God and our next release Bangkok Dreams, launching August 21st.

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